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Welcome to Kettle and Barrel Brew Supply!

Kettle and Barrel Brew Supply has only the finest equipment, ingredients, and supplies to make sure you produce perfect beer, wine, and cider.  Every time.

If it's in stock on our website, then it's on the shelf in the store at the same price.  No tricks, no gimmicks.  It's that simple.

Come see us in person or shop online.  You can now Choose the Pickup In Store option - place and pay for your order online and pick it up at a time that's convenient for you.  No more planned trips across town or changing your recipe on the fly. We'll even mill your grain for you.

Enjoy your visit to Kettle and Barrel Brew Supply!


Great veteran owned business. More than competitive pricing, everything I picked up was 2x or more expensive off Amazon / the internet. Super friendly and helpful staff.


I had a last-minute brew "need" arise, and only a short time to get supplies. A trip to another shop was impossible, so I ordered online and an hour later I had the supplies all ready for me. Grains milled, separated per my request, yeast and hops bagged - it was amazing. I was in the shop for less than 3 minutes and didn't even have to get covered in grain dust! This is definitely going to be my go-to shop from now on. Looking forward to many more visits in the future and spreading the word to other brewers in the area of this great new gem!


Super friendly, great prices, and decent selection for a new shop!


Kettle and Barrel Brew Suppply

311 East County Line Rd #A-4

Littleton, Colorado 80122


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