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Aroma Caramalt (160L) - Priced Per Oz

Aroma Caramalt (160L) - Priced Per Oz

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Parameter                 Unit                    Min                  Max
Moisture                       %                                            4.5
Extract (dry basis)       %                   75.5
Wort color                    EBC(Lov.)      350(200)        450(240)
pH                                                                                 5.80


GoldSwaen Aroma is used for up to 15% of the grist for Dark beers, such as Amber,
Ale, Dark ale, Stout or Porter.

body and its smoothness, promotes head formation and retention. Caramel malts
are produced in several color stages. They make a considerable contribution to the palate fullness or body, intensification of the malt aroma, the full taste and color and to the head retention.
By the special production procedure has a dark-reddish shine and a typical aroma
which serves to intensify and stabilize the flavor.  Provides a rich malty aroma and flavor to Amber adn Dark lager beers. Compared to other traditional coloured
malts, GoldSwaen©Aroma has a higher diastatic power and imparts a smoother bitterness, its a real spice for your beer.

Results: Gives fuller body, mild notes of nuts, caramel, and fruits. Improved malt  aroma, deep saturated red color.

Rate: Up to 15%.